The history of Squirrel Tail Brewing Company is a delicious and interesting “tail” of mystery, intrigue and…beer!!! In the year 2006, Kayne Konecny embarked on his first attempt at brewing beer.  With his bare hands, a home brewing kit and the help of a friend, the beer was made.  That maiden batch turned out less favorable than what was hoped for, so Kayne took some time to educate himself on the brewing process in hopes to make a more drinkable batch the next time around.

That first brewing session, however, sparked a lingering interest that concluded with his return to brewing the following year. Throughout the duration of 2007, Kayne, along with another friend, brewed various batches on and off and started to dive deeper into the sometimes golden, sometimes amber, sometimes dark and rich depths of the brewing process. By 2008, Kayne was brewing batches on a regular basis at his apartment.

Towards the end of 2008, Joseph Mauro joined Kayne and was introduced to making beer. Joseph, Kayne’s friend and band mate who shared the love, respect and excitement for craft beer, was happy to come along to watch the process. Over the coming months, Joseph went to Kayne’s apartment to learn along with him, helping in the brewing process and discussing how great it would be to brew beer for a living…Squirrel Tail Brewing Company was formed.

In June of 2009, Squirrel Tail Brewing Company entered into the Brooklyn Beer Experiment, a local contest of home brewers and food enthusiasts. We won 1st place, Judge’s award for our Double IPA.  That same summer we participated in a website launch party for youngandhungry.com where we donated a keg of a pale/wheat hybrid and were in another home brewers contest, where we placed 2nd in the Audience Pick for our Farmhouse Ale. In November of 2009, Joseph Mauro’s long time friend, artist and cooking wizard, Sean Enright, was introduced to Squirrel Tail Brewing Company. Sean had previously created t-shirts and artwork for Squirrel Tail. This 3 man crew team of beer lovers, and now makers, climbed aboard and continued to row, slicing their mash paddles into delicious rivers of craft beer! Throughout the rest of 2009 and most of 2010, beers were brewed and drunk and the plans started to roll out for something bigger.

In September of 2010, thanks to a great friend, Dennis Robesch, we were able to buy the equipment to build an all-grain brewing system and enough ingredients to keep our belly’s full of beer for months to come. In February of 2011, Squirrel Tail Brewing Company participated in The Brooklyn Wort, a home brewers competition, where our Deserted Island IPA was awarded 3rd place Audience Pick. In May of 2011, Squirrel Tail Brewing Company was honored to donate 2 kegs to a Farm Aid fundraiser. Squirrel Tail Brewing Company is dedicated to creating interesting craft beers that challenge the palate and inspire creativity in all who drink them!!!


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