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Yaaaawwnnnnn!  Phew, man… been a hard few months rocking.  Maybe give a little stretch… and a bend!  We are sore – must have been all that brewing and keg-presses.  That’s right folks, we have been hard at work since you have last heard from us and what better way to make our first post in over 6 months than with good news, right?  So, here it is… We will be coming out of our sabbatical-like hibernation by unveiling our new Strong Scotch Ale, The Bearded Axe at The 8th Annual Blue Point Cask Ale Festival on April 14th!!!

This will be our first go at Cask Ale or ‘Real Ale’, as it were.  While we were tinkering with our ideas that would suit this noble and legendary approach at brewing we decided why not look directly into the history books themselves and illuminate a fittingly, noble and legendary tale?  No better story comes to mind than that of Scotland’s fabled King, Robert the Bruce and his bearded battle-axe!

As the story goes, in 1314, during the Battle of Bannockburn, Scotland was continuing its century old fight for independence from the Kingdom of England. During the course of the carnage, England’s greatest knight, Sir Henry de Bohun spotted the King of Scots engaged in combat, lowered his lance, and charged heavily.  The Bruce sat atop a very small riding horse, not commonly fit for combat and armed only with his short, bearded battle-axe, took notice and prepared for impact.  Sir Henry lunged, The Bruce dodged the rider’s piercing attack, stood up on his stirrups and struck the knight with his bearded axe through the helmet, splitting his skull!  The Scots would eventually push the English back and win their first battle for independence the following day.

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

The tale of Robert the Bruce and his bearded battle-axe became a symbol of Scotland’s long war against the English; ‘the one side heavily armed but lacking agility; the other highly mobile and open to opportunity.’

Oddly enough, this description mirrors craft beer’s position in the world today and also appropriately describes this beer: a small and unassuming serving that will knock you off your horse and split your skull!

The legend is alive and so is this beer!  Come meet your destiny with The Bearded Axe, Saturday, April 14th, 2pm – 6pm, Patchogue, NY.  Buy your tickets fast!

Thanks again for reading, guys.  Hang in there, we will be soon be posting our latest news and a detailed account of our recent whereabouts!



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