Hurricane Edition

Hello everyone,

As the weekend comes to a close and the hysteria of Hurricane Irene is past us, I sit here a little stir crazy because I have been inside most of the weekend.  So, I put up a History page on the site which is…you guessed it, a history of Squirrel Tail Brewing Company(see above).

Ok, here is my question to all of you…what beers did you hunker down with in the wake of this hurricane???  Please let us know, leave us a comment with some great suggestions.  I’ll tell you what I had, I bought a Saranac 12-pack sampler a few weeks ago and enjoyed a couple of the remaining bottles of that upstate NY goodness.  Another treat of this past weekend was 21st Amendment Monks Blood, that came in a four-pack of cans.  This is a great beer in the style of a Belgian Dark Ale brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, oak chips and dried figs.

This update is a bit overdue, a few weeks ago I asked Kayne and Sean for some good beer suggestions to share with you all.  I just had Hop Crisis from 21st Amendment, and was excited about it.  Try this beer if you haven’t, you will not be disappointed.  I thought it would be fun to tell you all what we are drinking other than our own beer.  When I asked this question to them a few weeks ago, this is what they came back with:

Sean – The latest beer that I enjoyed was from The Bruery. They have a vast amount of uniquely creative beers all while still adhering to high standards and a certain level of integrity. I recently had the Orchard White ale with Lavender. Awesome yet subtle… unfiltered-deliciousness! They make a saison with Thai Basil for Pete’s sake!

Kayne – The latest beer that I liked was the Ta Henket from Dogfish Head. It’s the only one that stands out in my memory. Tried too many to remember anything that precise.

This leads me to the next part of this update.  This summer was awesome for many reasons, but one of the best parts was going to visit Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats.  First off, Rehoboth Beach is a great town and the weather was beautiful so we were able to go to the beach!  We drove straigh down to the brewery for an event  called Dogfish Head Analog A-Go-Go!  This event was all about beer and vinyl’s!  It was so much fun, we did a tour of the brewery and were lucky enough to try some great beers that are only on tap at the brewery.  We also went to the brewpub and had more obscure Dogfish Head beers and some great food.  One of my favorite beers from the brewpub was the Zeno… so good.  The whole trip was awesome and inspiring to say the least.

The picture above is the Squirrel Tail team – Sean, Kayne and Joe on the tour of the brewery.  Oh, and we met Sam too!!!  I will put that pic up soon, just gotta locate it.

So, this summer has been a memorable one and certainly busy, so we haven’t had a ton of time to brew.  However, we were able to squeeze in a few brew sessions and made some batches of our Deserted Island IPA and also a special Milk Stout for a birthday party of our dear friend Ryan Goldberg, happy 30th birthday buddy!!!  Check out his site, he is a talented guy.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Thanks for checking in and reading this!!!

Much Love – Joe



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2 responses to “Hurricane Edition

  1. Sean

    I’ll leave a comment-
    Joey, I just had, you guessed it, THE BRUERY’S: HOTTENROTH! Coming in at a whopping 3.1% abv this beer manages to pack so much flavor and delicate distinction-yes, delicate distinction, its incredible! It is a Berliner Wisse, a tart wheat ale. The close adherence to the rare style and especially its low-low abv proves just how great these guys from southern California really are. Most beer drinkers and brewers know just how rare it is to find such flavor and character coming through in a “session”. For this, I say, “Well done, Bruery”

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