Forgetting to Remember Memorial Day Weekend!

Yes, we know.. Memorial Day Weekend was a month and a half ago but we have been quite busy.  So, we are sorry but excited to finally share this story with you.

Last Memorial Day Weekend, most of you were probably far off somewhere celebrating your 3-day weekend like truly great Americans.  Most of you were probably at local Jones or Far Rockaway Beaches or maybe even at a place called Old Forge (love you Kayne).  However, there were a select few of us that hung around town one day longer to see about some local beer and food, and to see about those who stand, or in this case, ‘ride’ to see it thrive.  Those two particular people are Kate and John Suscovich of

Kate & John Suscovich

Together, Kate and John have set out to learn and raise awareness of how morally responsible food is produced, and why people should decide to choose it over “conventionally produced” food.  They have chosen to do so by riding their tour bikes across the world and documenting every last bit of it!  They celebrated the start of their epic 2-year journey with a beer and pizza party at Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Event goers / Joey, John, & Sean.

We met John at the last Brooklyn Wort tournament.  At the moment he was working, taking photos for the young but great, local food paper, Brooklyn Bread.  We got to drinking and talking and drinking a bit more and all realized that we had met a new great friend of Squirrel Tail.  He, loved our beer and we loved that he loved our beer… also, he turned out to be a great guy in his own right.  In the following weeks he contacted us, asking if we would like to donate some kegs to a Farm Aid event at Roberta’s that he was organizing to kick off he and his wife’s departure.  We jumped at the opportunity and couldn’t have been happier to have participated in the cause.

We had just enough time to brew, ferment and condition two beers for the event.  We were proud to brew our second go at our Grasshopper IPA (nutty, mildly-malty IPA with Lemongrass) and our Belgian White.  We were also proud and honored to be in sole tap-company with the great Sixpoint Brewing Co., the only other beer in support at the event but unfortunately none of the guys from the brewery attended.  However, the beers that day were delicious and the pizza and company was warm and amazing as well.

Our Grasshopper IPA & delicious Roberta's pizza.

John and Kate did a phenomenal job throwing the event!  They organized community, its supporters and its purveyors to all come together in strength and in celebration of a great conviction.  Currently, John and Kate are into their amazing, 40th day of riding.  Follow their every peddle on their blog at

Thanks for reading guys,


Also, thank you to everyone who came in additional support of Squirrel Tail and a special ‘thank you’ to Mike Kelly for these amazing photographs -you’re the best, man.


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