Filling the Glasses of the Huddled Masses

Welcome back, and “Welcome in”.  That is something we had the fortunate pleasure of saying 26 times this past Sunday, as we took part in our first Homebrew Tour.  What is a Homebrew Tour?  Well, twenty-five great and gracious beer advocates are captained through several homebrewer’s houses by a man named Josh Bernstein, a local beer journalist and new friend.  We were the last stop out of three homes visited on the tour.  Beer-curious men and women filed in and made themselves at home, soon tasting our Belgian White and snacking on some tasty bites.  This was a considerable treat for us, as it was the first time that we were able to share our efforts, both beer and food, with perfect strangers.  All of which were perfect people; very gracious and down to earth.  “Thank you” to those who were there!  It was a very interesting experience, at first some nerves from having a mass of new faces in your house but very soon conversations were sparking, beer was flowing and great times were had.

Rillette Board / Christmas Ale Raffle Winner.

Like mentioned, we had our new Belgian White on tap, which I can only translate as delicious, citrusy-spicy-bready goodness.  Unexpectedly, the White kicked very fast and with intentions of keeping the good times going we also tasted our Back Woods Brown, which may have suffered from under-carbonation but hopefully still let its wonderful roasted quality be known.  As another side to our gastronomic efforts we offered up tastes from our tentative Squirrel Tail menu; an Apple Brandy Pork Rillette served with Quick Pickled Shallots and Spent Grain Bread as well as our Cold Smoked Shrimp Cocktail with Ginger Cocktail Sauce.  Devoured!  We didn’t even get any, haha!  Also, a large format bottle of our Christmas Ale was raffled off to one of the tour goers.  Again, it was an excellent and humbling experience for us and we can’t wait to be a tour goer next time.

This whole “beer-thing” is about a lot more than just brewing.  It’s truly about hospitality.  It’s about letting people in with open arms, making them feel at home and sharing with them the best you have to offer; it’s about giving.  In return, together we’ll share great experiences, lasting memories and friendships.  This is the beginning.  Soon we will have more “open houses” where we can exercise these ideals and hopefully sooner than you and we think, A Squirrel Tail Brewing Co. home, to call our own.



…before we forget.  THANK YOU, Steve! (Squirrel Tail’s DP)



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2 responses to “Filling the Glasses of the Huddled Masses

  1. Arlette

    Great job guys!

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